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Beautiful, moving music: Martha Tilston @ zustudios in Lewes, 16th October 2015

What an uplifting experience to listen to Martha Tilston and her gifted band at zustudios. Complex lyrics interwoven with beautiful folk-inspired music - Tilston has a rich and versatile voice and is  also a fantastic guitarist, with an amazing veteran band (mandoline, violin, guitar, drums, keyboards and base). For a large, appreciative audience, s he sang the powerful new song  L.O.V.E, which is  motivated by the recent refugee crisis You can download it directly from her website to raise money for  Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Supported by Danny Emerson, whose rich and haunting songs are truly memorable. Martha Tilston and her hugely gifted band played at zustudios in Lewes, an arts centre and meeting place in a warehouse built in 1912: Sadly this amazing centre is threatened by closure - a developer wants to redevelop the whole area. This space is a huge asset to Lewes and we were

Justin Partyka at Black Barn and Magnificent Obsessions: The Artist as Collector at Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts

I could not think of a more appropriate, atmospheric venue for photographer Justin Partyka's beautiful, evocative photographs of rural photographs from Suffolk and Norfolk than the Black Barn in Cockley Cley, where a large selection of his work has been on view since mid September. Walking from one barn room to the next, we encounter carefully observed landscapes, sensitive portraits and still lives - made since the late 1990s using a 35 mm analogue SLR camera and transparence film. Partyka explains that he still only makes his work using the analogue process.  He studied folk art and history in Newfoundland and discovered that photography became his preferred way of capturing experiences and encounters. His intuitive way of making photographs and the care he takes to observe minute details and to get to know the people and places he photographs and connect with them make his photographic series burst with experience but also light and colours. More of Partyka's

Lightscape: James Turrell @ Houghton Hall, Norfolk October 3rd

Inspiring and contemplative exhibition of Turrell's timeless exhibition pieces in and around Houghton Hall: Turrell explains that our eyes are made for the twilight hour - as our pupils expand - whereas they contract at noon time due to the harshness of light then. Projection event at dusk - distilling light and experience. Silent projection - with the most subtle of changes: Also beautiful sculptural works by Zhan Wang (China), Scholar Rock , made out of stainless steel, in the vast park - shared with white deer: and Richard Long (UK) Full Moon Circle - made from Cornish slate - looking both liquid and hard in the gorgeous autumn twilight: Highly recommend you go if you can make it!